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Ama River Publishing Company
-- Astronomy from other cultures! --


Our publishing mission, "Astronomy from Other Cultures" means to bridge various cultures through its publications on astronomy and other related fields.  

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Multilingual Star Tales 

Most Recent News  (Updated: Jan.19, 2003)

Second Printing of STAR LORE OF JAPAN has Published!: The 2nd printing of Kouichi Kitao's Star Lore of Japan: The Starscape of a People has been published, and is now available! Please see the new look of this second printing!

Lunar-Wheel Calendar 2003 HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!: Now, Lunar-Wheel Calendar 2003 is on sale! This new design has vivid photos of the starry constellation of four seasons. To see the detail, or to order, please Click Here.

Holiday Book Sale in New York: The new printing of Star Lore of Japan and Lunar-Wheel Calendar 2003 have been presented at the Holiday Sale on Saturday, Dec.14 at the Center for Book Arts in New York city.

Star Story Multilingual Mini Project (Call for Volunteers): We have started a mini project to translate a short Okinawan folktale about Mizar into various languages by volunteer translators to put at our web site (To see the Project main page, click HERE or the [Multilingual Star Tales] button in the above Quick Link) - currently 12 languages: (Japanese), English, Chinese, French, German, Greek(new), Hindi(new), Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish(new), and Thai versions have been completed and uploaded. Versions of Hebrew, Telugu, Tamil, Pharsi, Arabic, and Welsh are in progress. If your native tongue is non-English, and can offer us your work, please contact

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Publication Catalog (Please click the title for the detail)

1) Book: "Star Lore of Japan - The Starscape of a People" (2nd Printing) by Kouichi Kitao,   (Special Offer for International Orders available)
The second printing of this publication is now available and on sale! (See the Most Recent News above.)  [Press Release]  [Reader's Feedback]

2) DVD: "Flying with Shooting Stars - The 1999 Leonids Meteor Storm" by Osamu Okamura This item is not yet published.

3) Calendar: "Lunar-Wheel Calendar 2003" (Original Design)
The year 2003 version has been published, and it is now on sale! (See the Most Recent News above.)!

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Past News

Review Article in Sky & Telescope: Kouich Kitao's Star Lore of Japan was reviewed in "Books & Beyond, Briefly Noted" in the Sky and Telescope magazine, October 2002 issue.

Book Reading and Shakuhachi Music: Kouich Kitao's Star Lore of Japan was read in a book reading event. Shakuhachi (Japanese recorder) music performed by Mary Ellen Miller was accompanied. This event was sponsored by Massachusetts Cultural Council. Date&Place: Sept.7, 2002 at 1:30pm, Clapp Memorial Library, Belchertown, MA. Admission Free.

Site Links: We have created the Site Links page. This page links to selected sites which share some resonance with our endeaver. Click Here or click "Site Links" in the above navigation menu.

Translation Buttons in our Pages: Although the technology of machine translation is not sufficiently practical, we added "Translate this Page" button (by AltaVista and in some of our pages to help non-English-speaking visitors.

International Planetarium Society Conference: Star Lore of Japan was exhibited at the Int'l Planetarium Society (IPS) 2002 Conference, July 29-Aug.2, 2002, Wichita, Kansas.

STAR LORE OF JAPAN PUBLISHED!  (Press Release)   Star Lore of Japan by Kouichi Kitao has been published. (April 15, 2002)

We Now Accept Check Payment, Fax Order, or Purchase Order!   We now accept personal checks/money orders for payment, or purchase orders (United States only). We also accept orders by fax internationally. Please click "Payment by Check", "Order by Fax", or "Purchase Order" above accordingly for more information.

Ad in Sky & telescope:   Our ad was published on page 65 of the December, 2001 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine.

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